ARPIL ENTERTAINMENT is a Literary Management and Production Company that strives to provide the entertainment industry with the highest quality literary material from new, undiscovered talent.

We draw upon extensive marketing, management, development, and production experience to nurture and promote new talent. For our writers, the goal is always career longevity. Our method is a work ethic that is demanding, creative, professional, fun, honest and passionate.

As a production company, Arpil Entertainment intends to produce one to three exceptional-quality, low to medium budget films a year.

A Manager advises and supports their clients on every aspect of their careers, in order to provide sustainable long-term professional success that fulfills all of the clients’ desired career goals. From bouncing ideas off one-another, to providing detailed script notes, to assistance in constructing effective pitches, a manager is intimately involved in all areas of the creative process.


In simplest terms, a Producer is responsible for bringing a film project together.

To paraphrase the Producers Guild of America, a Producer initiates, co-ordinates, supervises, and controls all aspects of the production process (including creative, financial, technological and administrative) throughout all phases from inception to completion (including coordination, supervision, and control of all other talents and crafts).